Symaga Group is awarded with the Seal for Innovative SME

This recognition, from  the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO) is awarded to companies that have proven, with its trajectory and activity, to comply with the requirements of resources dedicated to innovative projects obtaining optimal results.

The constant investment in the last few years that Symaga as dedicated to human resources and new technologies R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation), has allowed the company to double the production and the technical capacity, which in turn has enabled Symaga to participate in outstanding projects in the storage sector.

This innovative character of Symaga Group is recognized with the Seal of Innovative SME, only granted to a low percentage of the Spanish business world: as a result, from a total of 3.200.000 companies, only 18.000 may be catalogued and registered as innovative in a public directory. This positive discrimination, has the objective of promoting the competitiveness and efficacy in a global business environment.

From Symaga Group we appreciate the support of the human team to the innovation policies that allow the company not only to be awarded with distinctive seals, but to have the capacity of answer the new challenges from our client’s projects, positioning Symaga as a competent and dynamic supplier with an innovative level to be maintained and improved in the future.